Any normal person would wish to acquire such smooth and flawless skin. It gives them a reason to be confident in their physicality, and everybody has probably been influenced by the countless advertisements showcasing models with such smooth and clear skin.

It is these exact looks that people wish to attain for themselves. Yet, the reality is that not everyone is blessed to have such, since there are some out there who get to suffer from a whole slew of skin disorders and conditions.

One condition which has certainly caused many problems for the physically conscious is rosacea. This condition is often referred to as “Adult acne” simply because it exhibits nearly the same symptoms.

Pimples would grow on the cheeks, forehead, neck and even chest of a person, while there are also some other annoying signs that one is afflicted with such a disease.

Rosacea causes a person to experience chronic flushing, which simply means that their cheeks would consistently appear red. While this may be something that some consider as a natural blush, there are moments when the face can get too red.

Blood vessels under the epidermis would also begin to dilate, thus making them even more visible to the naked eye. Some people would also suffer from enlarged pores which appear dense, and are usually noticed developing on the nose, cheeks and chin.

When one thinks about it, this condition can really make a person lose all confidence in themselves. What causes this condition, exactly?

Nobody really knows, although some would associate it with genetics, wherein people have inherited the condition from relatives and ancestors. What’s worse is that there aren’t any determined cures yet, only treatments which may be temporary in effect.

However, before one avails of these treatments, he or she should find out what can trigger the disorder to worsen.

  1. Consistent exposure to sunlight is definitely a factor in the worsening of rosacea. The skin, when exposed to intense heat, has a tendency to turn red, as well as excrete sweat. However, since the symptoms are very much the same as acne, sebum would be produced in excess, and the pores may end up being clogged, thus resulting in pustules and papules on the face.
  2. Drinking alcoholic beveragesDrinking alcoholic beverages can also be a major contributor to rosacea becoming more apparent among sufferers. There are people who easily turn red as an allergic reaction to alcohol. Apart from this, it dehydrates the skin, which leads to the constant redness and development of acne-like symptoms. What’s worse about drinking alcoholic b beverages is that these contain some chemicals and toxins which can actually deprive the skin of any proper nutrients.

Rosacea is something that can really make a person feels rather bad about their physical appearance.

However, in order to find the appropriate treatment, the triggers mentioned above should be put into consideration in order to make sure that the condition does not get worse and will be greatly reduced.

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