It can be very frustrating for an individual to deal with conditions that affect the complexion and health of their skin, and one shining example of such is striae, which is more commonly known as stretch marks.

A lot of people would really have a hard time dealing with these stretch marks during the summer, when they’d love to enjoy some time visiting the beach and simply relaxing under the warm sun in their bikinis and swim suits.

However, the presence of such scarring on the skin can really lead a person to feel less confident about themselves, and they just might end up wearing clothing or towels over the affected areas, which are usually the arms, thighs, waist and hips.

There are certainly a whole lot of people in the world, millions even, who get to suffer from stretch mark problems.

There are a number of factors which can lead to this condition developing, with some examples being pregnancy, fast weight gain, muscle building and weight loss.

However, the whole reason why such factors cause this condition to take place is because the skin gets stretched way beyond its own capabilities, which then leads to the rupturing of collagen fibers in the dermis.

Since the outer layer of skin is pretty thin, scarring would become evident. At first, it would appear reddish, but in time it will heal into something more silvery in hue. However, they’d still be quite visible under certain lighting, and may even be shiny too.

In such cases, those who want to get rid of these stretch marks should look into the following tips.

  1. It would be important for a person to prevent undergoing crash diets or rapid weight gains. The skin does possess elasticity, although there’s a limit to this, and any sudden physical changes can cause the collagen and elastin fibers to break apart, leading to those unsightly stretch marks. The skin may not be able to adapt quite rapidly to the bodily changes that a person undergoes, which is why it’s important for people trying to lose or gain weight to take things slow instead of being impatient.
  2. At the fitness clubExercising can really help in improving the firmness and smoothness of a person’s skin, although they’d have to do things smartly. Some people wish to gain muscle mass or tone their bodies so they’d appear more slender. However, because of wanting to get immediate results, they may end up overdoing their exercise routines. In such cases, the skin won’t be able to handle such significant stretching. It would be important for people to take exercises rather seriously, and perform them moderately.
  3. Cell damage is something that can be attributed to the skin’s constant exposure to the sun. This is certainly a problem for those who love going to the beach, since they just might end up dehydrating their skin, depriving it of any proper moisture. This situation can actually worsen the development of stretch marks, which is why people should wear sunscreen or apply moisturizers on their skin, especially those that contain natural ingredients and herbal extracts.

These are three different options that can come quite handy when someone is looking to prevent further development of stretch mark issues on their skin.

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